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With a founder named Nardin, this natural pairing empowered Devialet to help improve the watch's striking mechanism, addressing both sound quality and output level, or "how loud it goes". The resultant Hourstriker Phantom,Replica Franck Mueller the last part of the name shared with a Devialet speaker, is therefore the first striking wristwatch to provide specific measurements, ensuring that hi-fi geeks like me have to shut the f*** up.

The Hourstriker Phantom rings on the hour and half-hour on command, and it is the latest in a long line of striking watches embodying a speciality that Replica Franck Mueller has perfected for the better part of 30 years, with earlier models such as the San Marco Striking Watch.

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With Devialet's engineers, Replica Franck Mueller's watchmakers have redefined each step in the audio signal chain sent from Replica Franck Mueller's striking mechanisms to what emanates from the watch case - just like the path in a hi-fi system from LP, CD or streamer to the loudspeakers.patek philippe replica watches The goal was to deliver the best performance ever recorded on a striking watch, which turns out to be 85dB @ 100mm.

Before you get out your ear protectors or Google the specs, let me explain. The dB in "85dB" stands "decibels," which is the measurement of sound levels, or loudness. The number after the "@" is the distance of the test microphone from the item being measured - usually a loudspeaker, but in this case the Hourstriker Phantom. But here's where it gets a bit cloudy.